At the Carthage Crisis Center we recycle because it is the Right thing to do. Since we started our recycling program we have kept hundreds of loads of recyclables from being sent to the landfill. We also have the opportunity to sell some of the items that are recycled so it helps us to keep our lights on at the Crisis Center.

We are interested in your personal or business recycling items. We have a beautiful recycling area where you can drop off your recycling items. We are recycling everything from tin cans, old car batteries, paper sacks to non working appliances and clothing. Check out the complete list of recycling items we accept.

We Accept:

  1. Food, for instance the rest of the meat from the picnic or the rest of the cakes from an event. Your extra canned, bottled, frozen or fresh food. If we can’t use it, we will share it with our Food Network of fifty organizations that are feeding the hungry people.
  2. Clothing including belts, pursed, and shoes
  3. Furniture and appliances in decent condition
  4. Junk metal appliances including washers, dryers,refrigerators, stoves,old air conditioners, old furnaces and water heaters.
  5. Steel of all types including fencing and barbed wire
  6. Aluminum cans and scrap aluminum, sheets of aluminum windows and doors, and aluminum wire
  7. Brass, copper, old wire, stainless steel and zinc
  8. Junk cars or trucks, old recreational vehicles or travel trailers, old aluminum canoes or boats
  9. Newspapers, school papers, office paper, junk mail, magazines, phone books, shredded paper, paper feed sacks, and paper of any sort
  11. Gold and silver items including scrap jewelry
  12. Working automobiles or trucks
  13. antiques or collectibles
  14. Car, truck, and boat batteries

We do not accept glass, mirrors, computers, computer monitors, or televisions.

If you have questions, please contact Jim or Judy Benton at the Carthage Crisis Center at 100 South Main Street Carthage, Mo 64836 Telephone: 417-358-3533 or email us at